The Best Day-trip from Prague: Český Krumlov


What to know before you go:
  • You don’t want to miss out on this day trip on your next trip to Prague or even Vienna.  Seriously, make it happen.
  • There is no bad time to visit this beautiful city – even in the winter it is a quaint escape.
  • There is a bear that lives in the moat around the castle grounds.  Even on a beautifully sunny day in May, the bear did not come out to say hello so if you see the bear consider yourself lucky!

Český Krumlov by That One Point of View

How to get there:
  • Travel by car from Prague: the trip by car takes approximately 2.5 hours (175 km) and there is parking near the city center.  We typically vote for the self-drive option, except this time the train tickets were a little cheaper than renting a car and there was less of a rental car hassle involved.
  • Travel by train from Prague: The first train that connect from Prague to Cesky Krumlov  leaves at 8:01 am and arrives in Prague at 10:50 am.  To return to Prague via train, the direct connection leaves Cesky Krumlov at 2:02 pm which only leave you about 3 hours to explore.  This round trip ticket costs about 18 EUR.  Check the current time tables here.
  • Travel by bus from Prague: If the train times leave you wanting more time, there are also bus options with Leo Express.   Be warned that the reviews aren’t great, but in order to give ourselves a few extra hours here, we took the 5:15 pm bus from Cesky Krumlov and had no problems.  Side note: the Leo Express buses pick up from Český Krumlov, aut. nádr. which is not the same place as the train station, but easy to find with a quick Google search.

Český Krumlov by That One Point of View


Český Krumlov by That One Point of View

Český Krumlov by That One Point of View

Český Krumlov by That One Point of View




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